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Trials of Osiris - Full Armor Set 

Obtain the full set of Trials of Osiris armor which can drop with very high stats and will help your guardian’s fashion. Perfect your guardian’s stat build with the Trials armor set to have an armor preset that you can take into high end Destiny content.

Trials of Osiris Armor Set Carry & Recovery Service

Flawless Triumph Seal

Obtaining the Trials of Osiris full armor set is a necessary step in unlocking the Flawless Triumph Seal. The associated triumph with unlocking the Trials armor set is called Veteran Disciple.

Flawless Cards and Extra Rewards

Collecting the armor set entails that going flawless might be necessary to receive some pieces of gear. However, PlayerBoost does not charge extra for any flawless cards that are completed while your armor set is being collected by our sherpas. Additionally, you may receive extra rewards while collecting the armor set depending on how the rewards are scattered throughout the passage. Our sherpas can also pick up the loot from the flawless chest in the Lighthouse if you desire.

The ticket that will be will be used by our sherpas while completing the armor set for your character is a Passage of Mercy. As our sherpas hunt for the Trials armor set on your account, they will naturally receive Trials tokens on their journey. The client may dictate whether or not they would like the sherpa who is on their account to spend the tokens they received.


Why Choose PlayerBoost?

Our goal is to make sure you come out of this experience a happy customer. We 

understand and respect that your time is valuable, and it can’t always be spent on Destiny. PlayerBoost is a Destiny recovery site filled with experienced Destiny boosters on standby, ready to make sure we complete all the activities you want. Most activities are completed within 24 hrs. To get started, please fill out the required information and proceed to checkout! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to drop by our live chat or send us an email. Our team is here for you!

To ensure security during recovery services, we go the extra mile to protect your privacy by using SSL and 256-bit encryption to guarantee your personal information is protected at every level. Furthermore, all order information expires immediately upon placing the order. Our unmatched security policies ensure the safety of your account and security of your information.

Trials of Osiris - Full Armor Set Recovery Service

Order a Trials of Osiris - Full Armor Set recovery service from PlayerBoost and allow a top Trials sherpa to log into your account. The sherpa will obtain all the Trials of Osiris armor pieces for your selected character in a professional, secure, and timely fashion.