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Crucible  Glory Rank Boosting

Competitive Playlist


Glory is the point-based rank up system in the competitive playlist in Destiny 2. The competitive gamemode functions as a place to sharpen your skills against top tier players during the week. As you continue to win games, your rank will continue to increase until you reach the maximum point threshold of 5,500. Each rank up in the playlist rewards powerful loot.

Competitive Ranks


Guardian is the starting rank in the competitive playlist. It starts at 0 points and ends at 199 points.


Brave is the second major rank in the competitive playlist. It starts at 200 points and ends at 1,049 points.


Heroic is the third major rank in the competitive playlist. It starts at 1,050 points and ends at 2,099 points.


Fabled is the fourth major rank in the competitive playlist. It starts at 2,100 points and ends at 3,499 points.


Mythic is the fifth major rank in the competitive playlist. It starts at 3,500 points and ends at 5,449 points.


Legend is the final major rank in the competitive playlist. It starts at 5,450 points and ends at 5,500 points. Earning the rank of Legend gives a pinnacle level reward.

Why Choose PlayerBoost? 

There are hundreds of players who offer glory rank boosting help, yet clients time and time again decide to return to PlayerBoost. Our extremely experienced team of Destiny streamers and players are unparalleled and their passion for the competitive playlist is unmatched. As players, we understand that not every guardian has time to obtain the perfect weapons or strategies to bring into the competitive playlist. However, our unrivaled sherpas fill in this gap and guarantee the completion of any glory rank carry or glory rank recovery.

Destiny 2 Glory Rank Recovery Service

We understand that life can be very hectic, so we offer glory rank recovery services to help you achieve your Destiny 2 goals while you don’t have to worry about finding the time to play. One of our unrivaled sherpas will log onto your account and play for you, reaching any rank you desire. To ensure security, we go the extra mile to protect your privacy by using SSL and 256-bit encryption to guarantee your personal information is protected at every level. Furthermore, all order information expires immediately upon placing the order. Our unmatched security policies ensure the safety of your account and security of your information.

Destiny 2 Glory Rank Carry Service

If you would like to partake in the glory rank up experience yourself, place a glory rank carry order. Play with our top sherpas and shoot up through the ranks of the competitive playlist yourself. Not only do you get to play yourself and experience the competitive playlist, you also get to hear countless tips and tricks from our top sherpas. These tips may help you in joining the leagues of the top players in Destiny 2. 

Triumphs and Gilded Unbroken Seal

Complete the triumphs associated with the competitive playlist in Destiny 2 to achieve the Gilded Unbroken Triumph Seal.

To the Victor

Win crucible matches. Glory playlist wins contribute more progress.

Unfaltering Glory

Achieve a 4 win streak in a Glory playlist this season.

Fight for Glory

Complete this triumph by earning 15 glory ranks across all seasons.

Watch Them Fall

Defeat Guardians in the Crucible. 

Involuntary Dissolution

Defeat 100 opponents with a fusion rifle this season in crucible.

Fabled Warrior

Complete this triumph by earning at least 3 weapons from the Fabled Glory rank in multiple seasons. This can be completed by purchasing 3 of these types of weapons from the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive in the Tower. 

Become Legend

Achieve a Glory rank of Legend in any season.

A Glorious Legend 

Achieve a Glory rank of Legend in multiple seasons.

Unstoppable Glory

Achieve a win streak of 5 in the competitive playlist.

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