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We would like to comment on the recent bungie Security update post 8/24/2021 which you can read here: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/50560

Bungie has finally listened to their community and implemented BattleEye an anti-cheat  software into destiny 2 and that is a good thing, cheaters will no longer ruin players gaming experience and we are happy to see it getting banned. 

What BattlEye Affects (active August 2021)

BattlEye is a PC exclusive anti-cheat software that detects external manipulations such as hacks, cheats, aim bots, malicious executable codes, etc. BattlEye does NOT trace or ban for account recoveries. BattlEye is a great addition to Bungie’s anti-cheat initiatives and is extremely helpful at deterring people who cheat. Our community and the PlayerBoost Team does not use external cheats on any platform of any sort. Our services are completed 100% legitimately by real players with no external assistance, win trading, hacks, or network attacks. With this in mind, your account is safe from BattlEye when in our hands as we do not employ or add to the toxic environment caused by cheating.

What makes our services safe? 

Since we first launched our website and completed our first order, we’ve been working in many ways to better our services and expand our security to make sure our clients get what they paid for without having to fear of any toxic behavior happening within their order process. 
We stand against any person who uses cheats, hacks, win trading or any unlegitmate way of completing a service. We value our reputation and heavily invested in softwares and VPNs for the sake of our clients security. 
Nothing bad will happen if you hire our boosters to complete a service for you, Looking into our reviews we have never received a complaint and non of our clients ever got banned. All of our boosters are hand picked and tested before being contracted to work with playerboost, they follow our safety guideline that was drawn with security in mind as top priority. 

Our services do not harm but actually improves the gaming experience to those who do not have time to grind and stay up to date with the latest loot drops and activities. Clients can focus on their daily life that's keeping them busy while hiring one of our boosters who will treat the account as if its their own and complete the desired activity. 
What steps you take to guarantee us safety? 

We understand your concerns and your safety is our top priority, Boosting services has existed for 10+ years and it will always be here, We use VPN to disguise account transfer  When our boosters log into the account, they will use a VPN with the clients ip address location. This will avoid the account being flagged for transferred long distances and it will make it seem like the client normally logged into his/her account.

We also offer Carry services to those who are not comfortable handing their account information, You can hire our boosters and you can play with them yourself it is still a guaranteed service. We are glad that cheating no longer exists within Destiny 2 and we thank bungie for taking action. We will always be here to assist all gamers Worldwide.