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New World Starstone Barrows Boost

Starstone Barrows expedition in New World MMO is one of the 5-man PvE activities that champions must farm to loot their gear and earn experience. It is available at level 35 while being quite hard for the poorly geared players. With challenging trash mobs and powerful bosses buying the Starstone Barrows is a perfect way to boost your level and loot some powerful items.

New World Starstone Barrows boost can include:

  1. Starstone Barrows expedition completed.
  2. Achievement "I Was Expecting More Of A Menhir" after Greundgul the Regent is defeated:
  3. Reward title - Ancients' Bane.
  4. Chance to get rare Tier III gear.
  5. At least 810 Weapon Mastery points.
  6. Some coins and common gear that drops during the run.

Buying the Starstone Barrows Boost

The Starstone Barrows boost includes the rush through this PvE mission while being in a professional carry team that will clear it fully guaranteeing you the top end-of-expedition reward. Whether you buy Starstone Barrows run once or multiple times to farm some more experience and gear, PlayerBoosts' boosting team will be glad to help you.

The reason to purchase the Starstone Barrows is its complexity, especially at the beginning of your New World journey. Several hardcore bosses and the action-based fighting systems will make players suffer throughout the dungeon unless they have good well-played teammates. And this is exactly what PlayerBoost offers.

Starstone Barrows Boost Explained

Although it is a pretty straightforward boosting service, where our team is helping your champion to clear the Starstone Barrows expedition, we would like to still mention some facts that might be useful for you, since the New World is a very recent game that has its own hints and tricks.

The Starstone Barrows PvE Activity has the following Bosses:

  • Alectos the Relentless Boss
  • Greundgul the Regent Boss

With just two main bosses in the dungeon, it is still pretty difficult making the run extremely difficult for inexperienced parties. Additionally, after the defeat of a boss players will receive only experience and weapon mastery where else the main rewards, achievements, and loot are stored in the chest at the end of the expedition.

If you still have any questions, or wish to buy a custom Starstone Barrows boosting service, feel free to contact PlayerBoost and we will be glad to help you with practically anything New Word-related.


Yes it is completely safe, We use VPNs and other softwares to replicate clients IP addresses when logging in to avoid flagging and make it appear as if they’re normally logging into their own accounts to complete their daily activity.



We don’t not share any of our clients information with any other 3rd party companies, All information is deleted from our database when order is completed.



All of our boosters are trained and tested before working with us they’re contracted to complete the job as promised without tempering with anything from our clients accounts, Boosters are monitored by our admins throughout the whole order process to make sure everything is in good standing.



We forbid the use of any hacks, cheats, cheese, win trading or speed runs within our company, We value our name and reputation as a leading site in the boosting industry, You can view your stats or even watch them play on a private stream for reassurance.

What happens after I order?

After placing your order with Playerboost, your order enters our queue along side other orders that were placed. All orders are first come, first serve unless ordered VIP (FAST PASS).



Is my order started yet? I haven’t heard anything from anyone.

It is normal to not hear anything right away when you place an order. You will only receive a text or an email when your order has been assigned to one of our boosters.



Do you notify me when starting the order?

Yes, we do notify you 10 minutes before logging in if you choose the recovery option or schedule a time that suits you and your assigned booster if you choose the carry option. 


 You'll also receive a notification when order is completed that way you can log back in to your account and enjoy your new loot.


 it is very important that you provide us with your cell phone number at checkout as that will give you direct communication to your booster. 

If you didn't provide your cell phone number and only provided us with your email please do check your Spam/Junk folder. Do keep in mind you CANNOT reply to emails sent by your booster, they cannot see it. You will have to visit our website and talk to our support members in the live chat to relay your message.


Important Must Read

When we sign into your accounts for the first time, sometimes a two-step verification is required to access your account. Please make sure to be available and ready to give that code as soon as your booster messages you for it.

For our international clients sometimes we do not receive text messages from you due to your carrier not allowing international texting. In really rare cases, for all our clients, we may not receive your text messages too, so to prevent from having your order skipped, if you do not hear from us in 2 minutes after sending a reply with a code, please come to our live chat immediately to have our supports relay it. We wait 10 minutes after requesting the code, if we do not hear back, we will move on to the next order. Once you have contacted us, your booster will come back to your order immediately, if they have not started on another one.