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Xur's Location And Items July 22nd-26th

by Grant Souza
Xur's Location And Items July 22nd-26th

Where Is Xur?

Xur is on Nessus this Week

Xur is on Nessus this week, more specifically in the Watcher's Grave location. After loading in or fast traveling to the Watcher's Grave area near the top of the map, jump accross the banister directly in front until you reach the large tree on the right side, just across the large clearing. Scale the tree up and you will eventually reach Xur.

The Best of the Weekend:

Titan Exotic Chest: Armamentarium

Armamentarium is a fantastic exotic for grenade focused builds, granting the user an additional grenade charge. This weeks roll adds to that, featuring large spikes in resilience (an incredibly important stat this season granting damage resist scaling up to 40% at 100 resilience) and discipline (granting faster grenade recharge rate). 

Warlock Exotic Chest: Starfire Protocol

Starfire Protocol is basically the Warlock equivalent of Armamentarium, but it focuses specifically on fusion grenades, granting a 2nd charge and grenade energy when dealing empowered damage (through the use of well of radiance or empowering rift). This weeks roll is similar to the Armamentarium, featuring large spikes of resilience and discipline which benefit this exotic for similar reasons. 

Exotic Hand Cannon: Hawkmoon

Hawkmoon is a fantastic PvP weapon and is almost always viable in any Destiny 2 meta. This weeks roll of Opening Shot is one of its best, granting additional range and aim assist on the first shot of a gunfight. This is especially useful when trying to line up a Paracausal Shot x7 (its exotic perk which increases damage based on the number of precision hits and final blows for the final round of the magazine) in order to completely destroy a guardian with a single shot. 

All three of these items are definitely worth the pick up, so I would definitely suggest stopping by the Watcher's Grave and visiting Xur before it is too late. As always, be sure to use PlayerBoost for all your boosting needs!