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Destiny 2: Top 10 Best Weapons For Trials Of Osiris

by khaleel ahmed
Destiny 2: Top 10 Best Weapons For Trials Of Osiris

We spoke with Mida one of the top 0.1% destiny best players

who spends most of his time doing trials of osiris carries which is helping people who are not skilled enough to complete the trials of osiris and reach the end goal the lighthouse. 

what are his top 10 best weapons for trials of osiris and here's what he had to say


Presented below is my top 10 current trials of osiris weapons. As a PvP lead for PlayerBoost.com this is my personal viewpoint on the most effective and sought after weapons for trials of osiris.

10: Bastion

Bastion Fusion Rifle - Destiny Carries


Bastion is a unique, exotic fusion rifle archetype and the only fusion I will mention. 

This is due to the ability it has of surprising opponents, with the insane damage it can output onto enemies.

When used correctly, it has an incredible time to kill, on both guardians and their supers. Putting this weapon on when the enemies have or are near supers is optimal in my opinion.

The reason this weapon is placed at number 10 is due to the inconsistency of the gun, the fact it is hard to use, as well as it being difficult to acquire.

9: Spare Rations

Spare Rations - Destiny Carries


The infamous spare rations, when encountering a good roll, this weapon has the ability to have an incredibly fast time to kill. This is due to it being a relatively consistent, long ranged hand cannon.

The only limiting factor is that the weapon requires hours to obtain, from RNG activities - gambit prime and Reckoning tier 2. Mine took 1 day and 16 hours of game time to obtain - rangefinder, rapid hit.

In addition to this with recent hand cannon changes, as well as the auto-rifle meta, this is usually a pick made by players wanting to have more fun, or are of a higher skilled calibur, due to being able to outgun auto-rifles - with increased in air accuracy, as well as the ability to peek shoot.

if you don't have the time to farm for one or don't have the knowledge to what is the best roll " god roll " you can rely on our team PlayerBoost.com

8: The Summoner


The Summoner Auto Rifle - Destiny Carries


A new trials weapon as of the second week of trials, this weapon, when rolled well can out damage any auto rifle. The gun has very limited recoil, as well as dealing 24 headshot damage, leading it to be a contender of one of the fastest TTKs around.

As mentioned it can be obtained from trials of osiris, meaning that one has to grind incredibly hard for their desired roll.

In addition to this the gun itself arguably does not have a great perk pool - meaning that for a good roll to be obtained there are limited perks wanted on the gun. - a lot of RNG is in play

7: Beloved

Beloved Sniper Rifle - Destiny Carries


Although being out-shone by revoker recently, the beloved is still one of the most consistent, bullet magnetised snipers. With a fantastic perk pool this sniper can be utilized in so many different ways.

This sniper can be obtained through grinding menagerie, meaning that once again RNG is heavily in play for getting this sniper.

This sniper is fantastic, and consistent however, due to the special ammo economy it means that one has to be a sharpshooter in order to optimize this weapon, which is why it is being outclassed by revoker.

6: Suros Regime


Suros Regime Exotic Auto Rifle - Destiny Carries


Suros regime, if you are in favor of a primary being in the kinetic slot, this is arguably the best auto-rifle for you. I would highly recommend using the “spinning-up” perk on the gun itself to gain some incredibly fast kills - especially on supers and people who have just been revived!

The gun itself can be obtained anywhere in the game - if you still don’t have it, a trip to xur might be the best option for you!

The limiting factor is that this auto-rifle is just outclassed by the summoner and hardlight, but it is arguably the best kinetic auto-rifle, so when paired with mindbender’s ambition or beloved, it is a fantastic choice.

5: Dust Rock Blues


Dust Rock Blues Shotgun - Destiny Carries


Although arguably not the best kinetic shotgun, the dust rock blues has a fantastic perk pool, as well as being consistent. This is a must have for all guardians due to its durability throughout crucible, not just trials.

The gun can be obtained through menagerie, as well as many lost sectors across mars, venus and the european deadzone.

The fact that this gun is so easy to obtain, with such a fantastic perk pool is why it is placed high on the list, not to mention that it is in the kinetic slot, so can be used with a hardlight.

4: Revoker


Revoker Sniper Rifle - Destiny Carries


The revoker is the most prevalent sniper around right now. It has an amazing flinch pattern, the ability to regain bullets, as well as the consistency it seems to have - not to mention its bullet magnetism and aim assist. (Destiny 1 ice breaker feels)

It can be obtained through the “In Your Sights” quest from Lord Shaxx - this is an opportunity to practice with a sniper first as you have to kill guardians with a sniper in order to obtain it.

The reason it is not placed higher as I believe that in trials of osiris you should only have 1 or 2 snipers on your team, and therefore if you are looking for a guide on what to use in trials, you may be more successful using a shotgun.

3: Astral Horizon


Astral Horizon Shotgun - Destiny Carries


Astral horizon, like the summoner came out in week 2 of trials of osiris’s release, it is an incredibly hard hitting kinetic shotgun - with an incredibly unique perk pool. One outstanding perk that can be rolled is opening shot - which most other shotguns do not allow you to roll. The fact that this perk exists on an already high impact shotgun makes this stand out as arguably the best primary shotgun.

The fact that this is once again a heavily RNG surrounded gun limits it, and is why the dust rock blues also placed higher on the list. - as more people receive their God rolls, I guarantee this shotgun will become far more “meta”.

2: Mindbender’s Ambition


Mindbender’s Ambition Shotgun - Destiny Carries


Mindbender’s ambition has always been my favorite shotgun, both on consistency and the perks it can roll. 

You can make the gun an incredible damage output, or you can make it very snappy and satisfying to play with

The fact that this gun is so RNG based - through completing the Hollowed Lair Nightfall Strike and that I still don’t have my God roll (definitely not upset) is the reason I have placed this as number 2.

Overall any roll of this shotgun will out-perform nearly every other shotgun, and the curated roll of opening shot rampage, which is common from the nightfall is also incredibly good - so if you get it don’t dismantle it for the shards!

1: Hardlight


Hardlight Exotic Auto Rifle - Destiny Carries


Where would trials be without hardlight - it is incredibly consistent, and when ricochet shots are hit, it has the HIGHEST time to kill in the game. 

The existence of this gun has been the bane of my existence the last 2 weeks, and is also the reason I have lost to some arguably un-skilled players.

The gun is easy to get (go to xur! And play the game) and has incredible fire power.

Not only this but it is a great counter to snipers in the medium-close range as it flinches heavily, but also against shotgunners when used well.

Furthermore it has the ability to finish off kills from grenades, or getting someone weak without even needing to see them.

Although a little practice is needed with this gun, it is undoubtedly the most powerful gun in trials right now!

Honorable mention: The Last Word

Although I am a controller player (sorry PC nerds) I believe that the last word is still an absolute top tier gun when paired with beloved.
So long as you practice with the gun and hip fire it, it has the ability to melt anyone, and finish off close encounter kills.

The fact that no one is using this gun surprises me heavily, especially with all the shotgun apes in D2. 

Admittedly a lot of practice is needed, but the sheer ability this gun has to melt is insane!


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