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Is Destiny 2 Boosting Legit?

by Daniel Kee
Is Destiny 2 Boosting Legit?

Destiny 2 the game

Destiny 2 is a very unique game that has many different kinds of activities for players to choose from such as story missions, strikes, raids and even multiple player vs player game modes, the most popular of which is the trials of Osiris. Many of the activities playable in Destiny 2 can be very difficult and/or time consuming. Due to Destiny 2 having its powerful and pinnacle rewards being on a weekly reset before being obtainable again some players may find it difficult to find a team, time or motivation to complete these activities so regularly.


What is a Destiny 2 Booster?

A booster is A highly skilled player who can complete any activity for you and will also assemble a team removing all the headaches due to planning a run with teams and committing the time to get your chosen activity done in a timely matter to get that awesome loot you want!


What is Destiny 2 Boosting?

Destiny 2 boosting is hiring a professional booster to take on the hardest challenges you face in destiny 2 whether it be trials of osiris, the vault of glass raid, power leveling or a grandmaster nightfall completion. The booster completes these activities for you so you can take advantage of the awesome rewards that these activities give. Boosting can come in two forms, either recovery or carry.


what is a recovery?
A recovery is when you hire a booster to play for you on your account, earning you weapons and armor you wouldn't otherwise be able to earn. Recoveries are most commonly purchased for raids, trials, and other pinnacle activities in the game.

What is a carry?
A carry is a service you purchase where you hire someone to play with you and "carry" you through the most trivial content in Destiny 2. Carries are most commonly purchased for trials of osiris, but they are also available for raids, nightfalls, and many other activities in game.


How does Destiny 2 Boosting work?

After finding a legitimate site to buy your boosting from, you purchase an order and a booster will be assigned to complete whichever activity you have chosen. boosters will always try to complete your order in a timely fashion but unfortunately hiccups can happen along the way. to remedy this our boosters will keep you updated on our progress until we are finished. To ensure security during recovery services, we go the extra mile to protect your privacy by using SSL and 256-bit encryption to guarantee your personal information is protected at every level. Furthermore, all order information expires immediately upon placing the order. Our unmatched security policies ensure the safety of your account and security of your information.


 Best site for Destiny 2 Boosting?

There are many sites from which you can choose, unfortunately many of them are too much of a risk to trust with access to your account which you may have put hundreds if not thousands of hours into, here at Playerboost something we value most about our clients is our trustworthiness, when choosing us to help with your Destiny 2 needs we want you to feel comfortable with allowing us access to your account so are very selective with our boosters and do everything in our power to ensure you the very best service possible! We also have an admin assigned to each order to ensure everything is running smoothly and no issues arise and have built a system that tracks the activity of an account and makes sure its operated without any cheating software’s. Once your order is completed all your info is deleted from our database so you know you are safe!


Is Destiny 2 Boosting Safe?

unfortunately, there are some bad eggs that have malicious intent when asking for access to your account which is why we at PlayerBoost pride ourselves on being one of the industries most trusted platforms for helping guardians and proving every day that you are always safe when choosing us to help in the world of Destiny.


Why Choose PlayerBoost?

we are a family of dedicated and hard-working boosters that will have your every need and want covered whether it be earning that flawless card in Trials of Osiris to traversing through a raid. One thing we  believe makes us stand out among the rest and something we pride ourselves on most of all is our trustworthiness, we do everything in our power to ensure you are comfortable with allowing us to help you achieve whatever it is you want to do in Destiny 2, we have helped thousands of guardians achieve every goal you can imagine within the Destiny universe and have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback that we feel reflects our dedication to all of you. We have numerous teams of incredibly talented individuals that are some of the best in business which will complete any task you throw at them in a fast and reliable manner, we have been tried and tested and continue to show that we will be the best choice when it comes to helping guardians with any and all tasks.




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