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Top Trials of Osiris Loadouts in Season of the Splicer, Post-Update 3.2.1

by khaleel ahmed
Top Trials of Osiris Loadouts in Season of the Splicer, Post-Update 3.2.1

With update 3.2.1, Bungie changed the meta for trials significantly. 120 RPM hand cannons had been dominating trials since the launch of Beyond Light, and Bungie decided their reign over the crucible needed to be brought to an end. In addition to this, all shotguns received a huge nerf to their pellet spread, making them much more inconsistent. The most infamous aggressive-frame shotgun, Felwinter’s Lie, is now a shell of its former self. All of this change has led to new weapons emerging into the trials meta, and I will be getting into what you should be running to go flawless next weekend.

1: Arbalest (Linear Fusion Rifle) + Drang (Sidearm)

Arbalest has been one of the most annoying guns to go up against ever since trials launched. It has somehow managed to avoid a nerf in all but one patch in the past 2 years. Even after this nerf to the aim assist value, the gun is still meta. It can one hit all supers with a headshot, and does a ridiculous amount of body-shot damage. The aim-assist value on arbalest is still astronomically high, and the hitbox is also extremely large. The other part of the loadout, Drang, pairs perfectly with Arbalest. Drang has an extremely high range stat compared to most sidearms, making it the perfect weapon to clean up an enemy that you have bodied with Arbalest. If you can get one to drop with Quickdraw, this makes it even better due to the fast swap time. This loadout is effective on all trials maps, and I have seen a lot of good trials players using it.

2: Bastion (Fusion Rifle) + Gridskipper (Pulse Rifle)

Bastion has been an extremely powerful weapon ever since it dropped last year. It fires 3 slug rounds in succession, but only one needs to hit for you to kill someone. Another area it excels in is killing people out of their supers, because of the high damage output from the 3 slug rounds. One bursting a super with Bastion is extremely common in trials. Gridskipper is one of the most underrated weapons in the game. It has a fast fire rate with very low recoil. If you can hit your bursts, you will melt the opposing team. The flinch it deals to the other players is extremely high due to the fast fire rate of the weapon. This loadout would be best utilized on a mid-range map such as Dead Cliffs.


3: The Messenger (Pulse Rifle) + Telesto (Fusion Rifle)

The Messenger has been one of the most sought-after weapons in trials ever since it released at the beginning of this year. If you hit all of your shots, it can 2 burst an enemy from quite a significant distance. Recoil management is also easy, especially when you put counterbalance stock on the gun. The perk you should want on this gun is desperado, which makes the gun fire extremely quickly after a precision kill. Once you have desperado procced, no one will be outgunning you. Telesto has been flying under the radar since the launch of Beyond Light, but with the shotgun nerf it has finally gotten its chance to shine. It shoots out damaging particles that stick to surfaces and players. The best part is that only a few of them need to land in order to kill someone. Also, if you shoot Telesto at the ground near an enemy orb, they won’t be able to get the revive due to the particles damaging them.


4: Chaperone (Shotgun) + Palindrome (Hand Cannon)

Slug shotguns are definitely the meta now after the nerf to all other shotgun archetypes. Chaperone is now the king, mainly because of its high range and the roadborn perk. You can 1 hit kill someone to the head from 11 meters with a chaperone, and the roadborn perk extends this range to 14 meters. You can activate the roadborn perk by getting a precision kill with Chaperone, and it last for 10 seconds. The Palindrome has some of the highest base stats out of all the 140 RPM hand cannons in the game, and with the right perk combination it can dominate in trials. My personal god roll is Quickdraw and High-Impact Reserves with a range masterwork. This allows me to pull out my gun quicker and do more damage as I get to the end of my magazine. Once you get down to your final 4 bullets, you can kill with 2 headshots and 1 body-shot. Being able to do this can make all the difference when it’s a 1v1 in a 4-4 flawless game.


5: Ace of Spades (Hand Cannon) + Seventh-Seraph CQB (Shotgun)

Ace of Spades is hands down the best 140 RPM hand cannon in the game for 1 reason, Memento Mori. This is the exotic perk on Ace that turns it into a fast firing pre-nerf 120 in terms of its damage output. You hit for 90 to the head and 60 to the body, guaranteeing a 1 headshot 2 body-shot kill regardless of your opponent’s resilience stat. You activate Memento Mori by getting a kill with Ace and then reloading, you get 6 rounds of these high damage bullets after each kill with the gun. The range stat is also extremely high, so damage drop-off will be minimal. Seventh Seraph is the best non-slug shotty in the game right now. It can drop with Quickdraw and Snapshot, making it feel very quick when drawing and stowing. This pairs well with Ace because if you get someone weak, you can pull out your shotty quickly to finish the kill.


6: The Last Word (Hand Cannon) + Frozen Orbit (Sniper Rifle)

The Last Word has received numerous under the radar buffs over the past year. This is due to the Hip-Fire Grip perk that is on the gun. When being fired from the hip, the gun is extremely accurate and has almost no recoil. It also shoots at 225 RPM, making the TTK extremely fast. Personally, I feel that The Last Word in its current state is meta. The Frozen Orbit is the best 72 RPM sniper in the game. It does a ton of body-shot damage, and after hitting a body-shot with the sniper you can easily switch to The Last Word and finish the kill. It can also kill all supers with a headshot, which is something that Adored cannot do.


How did I come up with these Loadouts?

I play trials for 30+ hours per weekend doing carries. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, a carry is when two highly skilled players assist a player who is new to PVP in getting to the lighthouse. During my countless cards this past weekend, the loadouts above were what I was running into on flawless game. When it was do or die for the lighthouse, people trusted the loadouts I talked about to get the job done. I personally used Ace and Seventh Seraph all weekend and had a tremendous amount of success. However not everyone has the same playstyle as me, which is why I came up with the other 4 weapon combinations. If anyone reading would ever like to run a card with me on Xbox (my main platform), I work for an amazing site called PlayerBoost. We help people on all platforms through all the activities offered throughout Destiny 2. I specialize in trials services, and if you request Jack at checkout I would be happy to run with anyone. Thanks for reading and I hope these loadouts will help you go flawless next week!


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