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How to get better at Destiny 2 PvP?

by Kaylub
How to get better at Destiny 2 PvP?

I need to get better at PvP how do I do it?

Getting better at Destiny’s crucible is one of the most frequent questions our PvP department gets. Although there is a variety of ways to get better, we are only going to go over a few in this blog.

Awareness, ability and super timings, and decision making (loadout/armor builds version).



In all my years as a Destiny crucible player one thing I see a lot is a lack of awareness. What do you mean awareness? Excellent question! What I'm defining in this blog as awareness is the following: Radar pings, sound queues, situational awareness (will go deeper into this topic later), and plenty more that will be explained. First, we have radar pings aka reading the radar. Destiny 2 has a radar that lights up when an enemy is near you and have a fading sign if they at a different elevation relevant to you whether it be above or below. It gives so much information and is an extremely useful tool to constantly check in game.

Secondly, sound queues are a huge part of Destiny whether it be listening for movement queues such as hunters jumping, titans skating, warlocks floating, or ability/super activations everything in Destiny has unique sounds and it's important to learn as many as you can. One example I can supply is when a top/bottom stream void hunter chooses to go invisible. I would compare it to something shrouding itself like you would hear in a movie, listening to something like that can help you be more alert to your radar for any pings as well as looking for the invisible hunter.

Lastly, on the topic of Awareness is situational awareness. Situational awareness would be you're in a 1v1 scenario in the Trials of Osiris game mode and you have a super and the enemy does not its typically good idea to save the super however there are exceptions to this! The game is tied 4-4 and you have super other team doesn't always pop your super never save it but don't use it randomly always go for a confirmed kill you'll get better over time it just takes practice! Situational awareness is only obtainable through trial-and-error it's kind of like learning right from wrong but in certain scenarios!


Ability usage and Super Timing

Knowing when to use your abilities and time your super to be proactive or reactive to something the enemy does is always up in the air but I'm going to give you some examples and tips on how you should use them. If you are a shotgunner on any class with a strong melee ability such as bottom tree striker middle tree golden gun or top tree stormcaller it's always good to try and engage when you have a melee ability due to some of them granting further range due to the inherit ability or melee itself being a ranged one. Another thing to think about is how can you get value out of this ability? What does throwing a grenade at an enemy who’s only going to take little to no damage gain you? How can my ability get map control for my team? These are things to think about. Super timings and usage are something I've talked about a little with the situational awareness tips. If you look in the kill feed or you guessed it hear a super be activated you can choose to use your super or not and its entirely dependent on your super and how it counters what the enemy is using. Something like a blade barrage titan middle tree striker or chaos reach are all supers you can't really prevent or block those without some insane luck or pure skill. Middle Tree striker can be blocked by middle tree staff but you must time it and look towards the ground when trying to block the incoming super. As for any roaming super such as spectral blade, stormcaller, dawnblade, sentinel titan, or hammers each has their own counter HOWEVER you can choose to just out run these as most of them have base movement or no upward movement so jumping over them or around them is also a practical choice. Super timings can be especially important to shutting other supers down, shutting a super down or at the very least trading with one is always a viable choice.


Decision Making (Loadouts)

Using meta may be against some of your moral high grounds but if you want to improve to you have to use what's good in the current meta. This also goes for your armor loadouts and having knowledge about what mods and builds to go for. For the Trials of Osiris game mode, it's about getting that first kill and using numbers against your enemy to win the round and ultimately the game. Having high stats in the intellect, mobility, recovery, and resilience is one way to put yourself at an advantage in game due to the benefits of each stat. Mobility (10 is ideal for hunters 6 and lower for titans and locks) gives you faster movement higher jump and your dodge which is good for you bouncy hunters, recovery (8 or above for all classes) somewhat self-explanatory also gives you your rifts back faster for your supporting warlocks, resilience is key in the 120 meta due to having 5 or higher not only gives the titans their barricades faster it also lets you survive 1 head 2 body shots, intellect gives you your super faster so maxing it out is ideal the higher the better but I recommend 8 or above. As for weapons hand cannons (120 rpm), aggressive frame shot guns, last word sniper combo, and lastly bastion are all top weapons to use in the crucible currently and what you will mostly see unless a change in the meta happens!



if you follow these tips that are laid out here you will definitely see improvement in your game play. Don’t forget to stop by next week for more tips and tricks on how to improve your game play!


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