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Xur's Location And Items April 22nd - April 25th

by Grant Souza
Xur's Location And Items April 22nd - April 25th

Where Is Xur?

Xur in the EDZ this Week

Where is Xur Location EDZ

Xur is in the European Dead Zone this week, more specifically the Winding Cove area. After loading into the Winding Cove Spawn Location, head straight ahead up to a path running along the side of the mountain.Continue following this path till it will split into a path leading further up. Follow that path until you reach a cave in the mountain. Continuing through the cave will lead you right to Xur, standing on top of a crashed Fallen Skiff. 


The Best of the Weekend:

  • Titan Exotic: Armamentarium

    Armamentarium exotic titan armor

    The Armamentarium is a fantastic exotic for Titans, granting the wearer a second grenade charge making it a fantastic option for PvP options for waging war in the crucible to mindlessly defeating the enemies of the light in PvE activities. The stat roll on it further compliments this with being a relatively high stat base at 65, and having large spikes in discipline and recovery, two of the most beneficial stats with this exotic, all of which make this an exotic definitely worth picking up!

  • Exotic Hand Cannon: Hawkmoon

    Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon

    The Hawkmoon is a fantastic weapon and is one of the best in PvP. Xur’s weekly roll on it as it rolls with Quickdraw, one of the most important perks in PvP, and one of Hawkmoon’s best, granting increased weapon swap speed making this week’s hawkmoon one to not miss out on. 

  • Legendary Sword: Temptation’s Hook

    Legendary Sword: Temptations Hook

    The Temptation’s Hook is one of two Caster Frame swords in the game, this one being the only arc one. This roll is one of the best you can get on it, with Relentless Strikes offering you increased ammo efficiency and Vorpal Weapon offering increased damage versus Bosses and Vehicles. With Xur being the only means to acquire this weapon, and this weapon being the only arc caster frame sword in the game, I would highly recommend picking this up before it disappears on Tuesday Morning. 

All three of these items are definitely worth the pick up, so I would definitely suggest stopping by the EDZ and visiting Xur before it is too late. As always, be sure to use PlayerBoost for all your boosting needs!