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Xur's Location And Items April 29th - March 3rd

by Grant Souza
Xur's Location And Items April 29th - March 3rd

Where is Xur?

Xur is on Nessus this week.

Xur is on Nessus this week, more specifically in the Watcher's Grave location. After loading in or fast traveling to the Watcher's Grave area near the top of the map, jump accross the banister directly in front until you reach the large tree on the right side, just across the large clearing. Scale the tree up and you will eventually reach xur.  


The Best of the Weekend:

  • Warlock Exotic: Nezarac's Sin

Nezarac's Sin is a fantastic exotic for warlocks and this roll is no exception. Nezaracs Sin is a heavily void focused exotic, granting a boost to void ability regeneration after a void-damage kill. This coupled with void 3.0 makes this exotic extremely strong in the current sand-box.  Its roll for the week further adds to this sporting a 69 base with a huge spike in Discipline and Recovery. This exotic is definitely worth the pick up this week. 


  • Exotic Hand Cannon: Hawkmoon

Hawkmoon is one of the best exotic Hand-Cannons in PvP, frequently showing up in the most used kinetic hand cannons overall. This roll in particular is one of the best it can roll with as Rangefinder is one of the best perks for Hand-Cannons in PvP. Featuring a range barrel and a stability grip, this is definitely a great pick up for going into PvP this weekend and next week!


  • Exotic Scout Rifle: Dead Man's Tale

Dead Man's Tale is a dominant scout rifle in PvP, being one of the most used weapons throughout the last season and being extremely dominant this season on any map that plays into its advantages. As for PvE, it is still an extremely competitive option and with Vorpal being the roll of the week, increasing damage to bosses, champions, and vehicles.  


All three of these items are definitely worth the pick up, so I would definitely suggest stopping by Nessus and visiting Xur before it is too late. As always, be sure to use PlayerBoost for all your boosting needs!